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Solange Mbanefo

Dipl. Architect MSc  |  USI-AAM  |  SIA



Solange is a practicing Architect with a BIM post-master’s specialisation. She is co-directing Matri-Archi(tecture)© which is an intersectional collective that empowers African women as a network dedicated to African built development and spatial education.


She previously worked as a Lecture-Assistant and Researcher for the book: African Modernism, Architecture since Independence (Volume.2), in collaboration with the Universität of Basel’s Centre for African Studies and the Critical Urbanism Master program under Architect Prof Manuel Herz, and Professors Kenny Cupers and Sofie Oldfield.


Solange has  a multi-cultural background and dedicates her career to developing self-sufficient microclimatic spatial solutions in rapidly transforming  urban landscapes  and  rural developments.

As a scholar-explorer, Solange has lived, studied, and worked in Switzerland, Nigeria, Thailand, Italy, Brazil, Cuba, Ireland and India. She is fluent in English, French, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish, while currently perfecting her German and Basler-Deutsch.